Exclusive P/CVE Posts

Until fully-fledged A.R.C. Europe Init. and ‘1Polis’ Cluster groups are appointed, visitors can find postings on peaceful counter-terrorism and on low-confl. P/CVE (soft counter-terrorism), as they will subsequently be issued by our not-for-profit organisation, by connecting with our Coord. via http://bit.ly/2wcxcLQ

Should you be interested in signing up, please get in touch by sending a message.

A.R.C. Europe Init. Joining With ‘1Polis’ Cluster

A.R.C. Europe – Non-Radicalisation Init. – Now joint with the ‘1POLIS’ Cluster.

What follows is the Fundamental Statement of the 1Polis’ Cluster (approved Aug. 2018 on the occasion of the Cluster’s integration):

‘Cultural Rootedness of World Society’


As to the effectiveness and benefits of deterrence: (1) avoiding other-than-soft measures, to be categorically favored, i.e. to ensure, foremost, clear sets of values. These are (2) carried by primary political cultures, reflected by set laws, which should be complementary: globally, on a geo-structural level, and, not least, culturally and morally, as refined in juridic terms, and with cultural morality carried out by persons and group actors – in a fair, impedited and appropriate way, where and whenever that is possible.

The principle (1) as well as conditions of application (2) have been, successfully during times of low-conflict, and thus should be, promoted, especially in difficult times, by way of the subsequent rootedness in the strong respect for certain benefits of comprehensiveness and mutuality (for the mechanism to work) following the two related premises; once more: soft measures and cultural values.

These must be conducive to social stability, given certain means and imperatives of deceleration leading to longer phases of consolidation, as well as to the overall stability of systemic levels: a national and a supranational one.