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Post-Extremism Prevention

Deradicalization means countering new bad influences from both third parties and former offenders. It also, maybe chiefly, means prevention. Although the word prevention is usually…

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For those of our readers who may be searching for older articles, please consult the Archive section of this website.

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“Deradicalization doesn’t work!”

Let us face it: there are major issues with deradicalizing a person who has fallen prey to extremism. But we must differentiate between counter-radicalization, which…

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Druck, zum 11. September zu schweigen (Ergänzung)

Ergänzend zu meinen Angaben hinsichtlich der Dienstpflichtverletzung eines ehemals hohen Funktionärs, F* im Bereich Internationaler Terrorismus: Ich habe der Polizei längst Meldung gemacht, jedoch scheint…

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Conflict Resolution: Practitioner Standards

Commonly, it is being differentiated between agency conflicts and structural conflicts, following the standard developed by practitioner Johan Galtung. Agency conflicts are characterized by a…

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Today, 14 November 2019, we uploaded the first analyses to our partner site, We welcome your visits and comments.

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Bestechungsversuch nach dem 11. September

Ich hatte, wie in früheren Posts erklärt, die Warnung zweier Muslime vor dem 11. September zu einem privaten Anlass einem damals hohen Funktionär in einem…

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Communicating Exemplary Successes in Deradicalisation

Why is it difficult for private instances engaged in deradicalisation efforts to communicate individual successes? The following note provides a short explanation. Oftentimes, people having…

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Radicalisation and Self-Restraint

Cognitive self-restraint can limit a person from falling prey to radicalisation as a protective factor – but it need not. Indeed, the contrary can also…

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Countering Radicalization Softly

Measures and tools of counter radicalization are more reliable now than they were a few years back, thanks to RAN and other organizations. However, the…

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