How a Former Cadre Tries to Entrench his Post-9/11 Hold-Up

After the terrible attacks of September 11, 2001, a former German political cadre thwarted a potentially critical part of the September 11 investigation in Germany by deploying massive pressure and personal blackmail in order to inhibit a Muslim clue from being enquired by the authorities. A clue wich was, notably, communicated to him a while before (!) the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon ensued.

Since 2018, the former cadre has been part of an informal group, in wich he sits alongside a veteran of the most important government party in Germany, the CDU. The latter, a conservative veteran, plays an important role in a new group of the CDU-CSU alliance – the Union of Values. The encounter between a black knight and a squire is a conjuncture which is more than worrying.

The Union of Values, founded in 2017, to which belong important conservatives – CDU and CSU members alike -, ensures that the CDU in particular represents all ideological views of society, not only to the center but also to the right – so that the conservatives will, hopefully, not fall behind the AfD – another party however clearly listing to the right -, in future polls.

The CDU-CSU Should be Very Prudent about the Former Cadre

Members of the Union of Values ​​and the CDU-CSU as a whole should be extremely prudent about the former cadre and current small business owner. The latter not only tried to infiltrate the Union of Values from outside but, after his time in federal politics, also approached the FDP, back in 2016, by recruiting a member of this economic-liberal party as a freelancer for his company. He did so in order to, obviously, better position his firm towards business interests in internal and external security. In the informal group mentioned at the very top, the former cadre has been active until most recently.

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
January 2020

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