Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, May 2020 (I)

We have packaged the 10 most-consulted LinkedIn posts, on the topic of counter-extremism, by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip (First half of May). In descending order:

The Radical Milieu: A Methodological Approach to Conducting Research on Violent Extremism
(Resolve Network)

Women in Islamic State propaganda

P/CVE and Counter-Terrorism Listings on PCVE.ORG

The Roles of Women in Supporting and Opposing Violent Extremism
(Andrew Zammit)

RUSI explores dynamic of ‘Terrorism and the Mass Media’ in new Occasional Paper

Conferences and Training on P/CVE and Counter-Terrorism May-June 2020

Conferences and Training on P/CVE and Counter-Terrorism July-December 2020

Call for Proposals: Monitoring and coaching, through sports, of youngsters at risk of radicalisation

Online extremism
(UK Parliament)

Narratives on Covid-19

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