The A.R.C. Europe maintains a database of anti-radicalisation and counter-extemism resources. What follows is a list of some key Twitter accounts of organisations engaged in Preventing Violent Extemism (PVE), countering violent extremism and radicalisation (CVE), and deradicalisation, as part of the International Directory of Counter-Extremism Organisations (IDCEO). Extracts of the IDCEO can be consulted on this site, 
RAN Europe
Commonwealth CVE Unit
CVE Forum
CVE Community
Violence Prevention Network news in German
Centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence
Prevention Project Organizing Against Violent Extremism
Strong Cities
Exit Australia
The Stabilisation Network (TSN)
Institute for Strategic Dialogue
The Program on Extremism at George Washington University
Disrupt Extremism
Sawab Center
Präventionstag, site in German
The Center on Radicalization and International Terrorism
Tech Against Terrorism
CVEMap Project
Beyond the Horizon

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If you wish your twitter account to appear on this short list, in case it is connected to the subjects of P/CVE, please get in touch:

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